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Stupak Sells His Soul (Did He Have One?)

March 21, 2010

Bart Stupak sold his soul and didn’t even get thirty pieces of silver.

Josh reminds us how Obama promised to give Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion policies priority:

Bart Stupak’s opponent is already gaining momentum.

Because executive orders have so much bearing on law. I guess Stupak forgot about Obama’s executive order lifting the ban on abortion funding overseas.


Ellsworth a Vote for Socialism

March 20, 2010


Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who is running for the Senate, on Friday became the second Indiana Democrat to say he supports the latest version of the health care legislation that the House is expected to vote on Sunday.

I wonder if he was purchased with the promise of a NASA administration job, too? The Stupak crew better stand their ground or their political careers are finished for ever.

Suzanne Komas is a vote for socialism, too.

Listener/reader James writes:
Indiana Rep. Brad Ellsworth today announced his intentions to support the President’s health care overhaul. But what did Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have to promise Ellsworth, who fancies himself a “pro-life Democrat,” to abandon concerns the Senate version lacks sufficiently strong language to bar the federal subsidization of abortion?
ELLSWORTH ON MARCH 11, 2010: “I will not support a bill that I believe would result in federal tax dollars being used to pay for abortions.”
ELLSWORTH ON MARCH 19, 2010: “I am confidence in my heart that this bill meets pro-life principles and upholds the policy of no federal funding for elective abortions.”
Pro-life groups across the nation beg to differ.

National Right to Life Committee: “A House member who votes for the Senate bill would forfeit a plausible claim to pro-life credentials. No House member who votes for the Senate bill will be regarded, in the future, as having a record against federal funding of abortion.” (“Any House member who votes for the Senate health bill is casting a career-defining pro-abortion vote,”, Douglas Johnson, 03/05/10)

Catholic Medial Association: “‘The evidence is clear that the Stupak amendment is absolutely essential if massive new funding of abortion is to be prevented,’ it says. ‘Senate bill H.R. 3590 provides multiple new streams of funding for abortion’ and it ‘requires all enrollees in health insurance all enrollees in health insurance plans covering avocation to pay, separately and exclusively, for abortions obtained by other plan participants.'” (Catholic Medical Association Confirms Senate Health Care Bill Funds Abortions,” Life News, Steven Ertlet, 03/19/10)
US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB): “[T]he Senate bill deliberately excludes the language of the Hyde amendment. It expands federal funding and the role of federal government in the provision of abortion procedures.” (“Don’t be Fooled — Senate Health Bill Includes Taxpayer Funding of Abortion,” FOX News, Sen. Orrin Hatch, 3/17/10)

National Right to Life Committee: “‘A vote for the Senate-passed health bill (H.R. 3590) is a vote for the most expansive pro-abortion legislation ever to come before the House of Representatives, since Roe v. Wade, and will be accurately so’ to pro-life advocates, NRLC officials say in the letter obtained.” (Right to Life: Will Tell Pro-Lifers Vote for Senate Health Care Bill is Pro-Abortion, Life News, Steven Ertlet, 3/19/10)
Susan B. Anthony List: “Abortion is not health care. Call Congressman Brad Ellsworth.” (SBA List television ad, 03/19/10)

Pro-Life Democrat Ellsworth OKs Senate Bill After CHA, Nuns’ Abortion Mislead
by Steven Ertelt,

Washington, DC ( — An Indiana Democrat who has voted pro-life and was considered one of the Stupak 12 who would vote against the Senate health care bill because of its abortion funding has flip-flopped. Brad Ellsworth says he will back the bill and cites the misleading statements from Catholic nuns and the CHA as his reason why.

Ellsworth’s office released a statement where the upcoming Senate candidate noted the Catholic Health Association endorsement.

And it ignores the new statement from the Catholic Medical Association saying the Senate bill funds abortions and taking CHA to task.

“As a pro-life Hoosier, one of my central concerns has been preventing federal funding of elective abortion,” he said, according to the PlumLine blog.

“After assurance from the Catholic Health Association, Catholic nuns, and pro-life advocates, I am confident in my heart that this bill meets pro-life principles and upholds the policy of no federal funding for elective abortions,” Ellsworth claimed.

The blog also spoke with Jonathan Kott, Ellsworth’s communication director, who said by phone, “He’s a yes. He will vote in favor of health care reform.”

The concern enunciated by some pro-life advocates after hearing the news is that it may make it easier for fellow Indiana Democrat Joe Donnely, who is also said to be undecided and concerned about abortion funding, to support the pro-abortion bill.

The Catholic Health Association endorsement has come under fire from the nation’s Catholic bishops and pro-life groups that say it does not represent the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church.

While CHA and a small dissident group of Catholic nuns say the Senate bill is pro-life, CMA’s analysis shows the Senate bill the House may vote on this weekend definitely contains abortion funding and promotion.
The CMA statement also follows new newspaper ads the nation’s Catholic bishops have placed in several prominent papers read by members of Congress.

Ellsworth has upset pro-life advocates before.

Before the adoption of the Stupak amendment to the House health care bill, Ellsworth worked with pro-abortion Democratic leaders on a phony amendment that purported to ban taxpayer-funded abortions but didn’t.

Rep. Jason Altmire to Vote NO

March 19, 2010

KDKA reports:

Congressman Jason Altmire will vote against the latest version of health care reform when the U.S. House of Representatives votes on the bill this weekend.

Altmire confirmed that he has decided to vote no in a telephone conversation with KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano.

Two Votes Away from Victory or Defeat

March 19, 2010


The opposition from Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., dials back the number of House members leaning toward voting yes to 214, and the number leaning toward voting no to 217.

DeFazio announced his opposition shortly after Ohio Rep. John Boccieri, also a Democrat, announced that he will switch his vote to yes, temporarily putting Pelosi within one vote of what she needs.


“I’m a no unless they fix this,” he said, referring to what he sees as insufficient Medicare spending in rural areas.

From Jim Hoft:

Bloomberg says the Democrats still need 6 more votes.

55% oppose the democrat’s nationalized health care plan. Only 35% support it.

Paul in Houston posted a chart that pretty much says it all.

Caterpillar Corporation says Obamacare will cost the company $100 million in the first year alone.

Here’s a list of wavering democrats. You know what to do….
Democrat Caucus Website:

Rep. Jason Altmire (PA)
Rep. Michael Arcuri (NY)
Rep. John Boccieri (OH)
Rep. Jim Costa (CA)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (IN)
Rep. Gabby Giffords (AZ)
Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (FL)
Rep. Betsey Markey (CO)
Rep. Scott Murphy (NY)
Rep. John Tanner (TN)

Dan Riehl: “Don’t Get Distracted”

March 19, 2010


Stay engaged and don’t feed into what they want you to by getting this, or that headline linked and talked about in the blogosphere.

Also, see Dem Rescue, a Tea Party related effort. Make sure the Democrats who stand strong know they will still have friends if they continue to stand for freedom and the Constitution, as many of them have pledged.

Press Release for Operation Dem Rescue

March 19, 2010


Dana Loesch

Bill Hennessy

Vows to Aid Democrats Who Vote NO on Health Control

ST. LOUIS — Yesterday the St. Louis Tea Party launched Operation Dem Rescue, an initiative to give support to Democrats who are standing against President Obama and his health control government grab. The President has said that he will not campaign for, or otherwise help, Democrats who refuse to vote “yes” on the health control bill. The President may forsake those who stand against tyranny, but not those in the tea party movement.

The St. Louis Tea Party vows to help any Democrat who stands against this health control by throwing our weight behind them in their primaries. The President has employed David Plouffe, former campaign operative, to stack the deck for the elections this fall and we know that the White House will target the Democrats who stood against the President. We will work to counter that in these Democrats’ primaries.

We believe that you don’t poke someone in the eye when they are doing good and we believe in grace for all and in the story of the prodigal son. If you stand for individual liberty, limited government, and taking a principled stand, then you will find refuge within the tea party movement.

Our websites, (coming soon) and will chronicle these Democrats’ movements until the vote and will stand to offer them support after the vote, regardless the outcome. They will not stand alone in opposition to this administration.


U.S. Rep. John Boccieri Votes for Tyranny

March 19, 2010

VIA FOX NEWS: U.S. Rep. John Boccieri just announced his vote as a yes for health control. Striking him off the scrolls.