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Dan Riehl: “Don’t Get Distracted”

March 19, 2010


Stay engaged and don’t feed into what they want you to by getting this, or that headline linked and talked about in the blogosphere.

Also, see Dem Rescue, a Tea Party related effort. Make sure the Democrats who stand strong know they will still have friends if they continue to stand for freedom and the Constitution, as many of them have pledged.

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  1. RCL Moncure permalink
    March 19, 2010 6:25 pm

    Where do I send money? I will contribute NOW; please let the honorable Blue Dogs know they’re not alone, this is not party.

  2. Matt permalink
    March 19, 2010 6:28 pm

    Love it! Absolutely – let’s stand up for liberty regardless of party!

  3. kasper permalink
    March 19, 2010 10:11 pm

    I not sure I get this Dem rescue idea. Dems who are “contemplating” voting ‘No’ are not voting that way for any reason other than the bill isn’t fascist enough. It doesn’t take over enough of our private healthcare services, doesn’t provide enough burden on the productive class and doesn’t offer enough to the “special” groups and corporations they have become beholding to — GE, AARP, the unions, and unfortunately some drug companies (because they know if they aren’t on the government’s teat, they’ll go down), etc. Most of all, the take over of 1/6th of our economy won’t happen fast enough for those “undecideds.”

    Let them vote on Sunday, let them show their fascist faces. Let’s see what happens when they make their move. Let the crap hit the fan. We’ll find out if the bloggers out here are ready to play for real.

    My guess is the bill does not get passed on Sunday. But we’ll get this piece of turkey turd eventually and incrementally. The stench will be released in small amounts (with the help of the hapless GOP, and we know who they are). Only some of us will notice, but in 10 years, we’ll all live in serfdom — with the exception of the second and third tiers of privilege that naturally occurs under tyrants.


    P.S. Hey, anybody watching L. Grahamesty. GITMO closing. He’s been “working hard” on some great RINO stuff. Bet we really made out on that little deal. This is what we’ve got going for us in the GOP — and it’s never going to end. Do we really going to have the energy and resources to keep fighting this crap? When bills start to get passed and the “bipartisans” start shaking hands, we are still going lose this country.

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